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Where have all the Christians Gone?

VIDEO – Dr. Duke sits down with Pastor Blair to discuss the fall of institutionalized Christianity in America. “We’ve turned Christianity into something that we do on Saturday night or Sunday morning for one...

Managing a Disaster

Many of the problems associated with a disaster would be eliminated if people’s buying behavior were the same as it was before the disaster.

Consider Homeschooling Amid Coronavirus

VIDEO – Former Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas said parents should view the current pandemic as the “greatest opportunity of their lives” to take control over what their children are learning. In...

Can This Pandemic Usher in a New Era?

What the coronavirus crisis tells us is not that we should turn our backs on the world but that, in engaging with the world, we should put our own interests first, as every nation...

The Inflation Tax

Government spending is a problem largely because it means taxation of Americans, reducing their standards of living. One of the most insidious taxes is the tax of inflation.

Trimming Big Government

Donald Trump was elected partly on promises to streamline and cut costs in government. While the streamlining may be happening, the cutting is not.